Secret Memo Reveals UFO Mystery: Trudeau’s Disclosure


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau received a surprising memorandum in February regarding an unidentified flying object (UFO) incident in Canada’s Yukon territory.


The Mysterious UFO Sighting

This classified document revealed that the Yukon object marked the 23rd Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) sighting over North America in early 2023. It followed a disruptive event involving a Chinese espionage balloon that entered US airspace on February 4. Subsequently, US authorities reported three more incidents of objects being downed from the sky.

Trudeau’s Disclosure

"In a surprising revelation, a classified memo received by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in February sheds light on a mysterious UFO incident. Trudeau's administration has now disclosed the memo, which raises questions about 'Object #23's' purpose, mode of propulsion, and its connection to any nation-state. Read on to uncover the intriguing details of this UFO mystery."

Trudeau’s administration has now disclosed that, while many of these UAPs appeared benign, ‘Object #23’s purpose, mode of propulsion, or connection to any nation-state remains unverified.


The Classified Document

This heavily censored document, dated February 15, was acquired by CTV News through a freedom of information request. It uncovered the perplexity among Trudeau’s top officials regarding the object. Just two days later, attempts to recover the craft in rugged terrain were abandoned, leaving Canadian authorities uncertain about its nature.

Response to UFO Sightings

The document provides insights into Trudeau’s response to the series of UFO sightings that captivated the Western world early in the year, preceding several hearings in the US Congress on the possible existence of extraterrestrial craft.


Discrepancies with US Response

While the US downplayed the frequency of UAP detections, the memo notes that NORAD tracks and identifies objects on an annual sequential basis, with most of them later identified as non-threatening. In contrast, Canadian officials insisted on analyzing the debris before reaching conclusions.

Uncertainty and Unknowns

However, the search efforts were halted due to adverse weather conditions. Marco Mendicino, Trudeau’s Public Safety Minister, acknowledged the possibility of not recovering the objects, reflecting the uncertainty surrounding their nature. The memo underscores the unknowns: “It is unknown whether it poses an armed threat or has intelligence collection capabilities.

The Craft and NORAD’s Involvement

The craft was initially detected on February 11 and was shot down on the same day by a US military F-22 fighter jet. Described as ‘cylindrical,’ it resembled the object shot down over Lake Huron, leading to speculation that they might be related to the infamous ‘tic-tac’ UFO observed by the US Navy in 2004.

Joint US-Canadian Military Defense

The memo is a significant example of NORAD’s cooperation—a joint US-Canadian military defense initiative responsible for safeguarding North American airspace. It explains that NORAD Canadian CF-18 Hornets were dispatched, but the F-22s were better positioned for interception based on timing, location, and fading light.

Sensitivity and Redactions

The document’s heavy redactions, carried out under sections 15 and 69 of Canada’s Access to Information Act (related to national security and cabinet confidentiality), indicate the sensitivity of the matter.

Disclosure Source

CTV News obtained the memo initially from a civilian researcher, and their FOI request later produced the same document.

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