Oni Press Announces Seven New Hires And Promotions In Comic Book Industry


Oni Press, the renowned comic book publisher, is making significant changes to its team ahead of NYCC. The company has welcomed seven new hires from major industry players like Marvel Comics, IDW, Valiant, and Bad Idea, while also promoting several of its existing staff members. These developments mark a pivotal moment in Oni Press’s ongoing growth and evolution.


Expanding the Roster

"Oni Press is making waves in the comic book world with the addition of seven new hires from renowned publishers like Marvel Comics, IDW, Valiant, and Bad Idea. Learn more about these exciting developments in the industry."

Since the appointment of Hunter Gorinson as President & Publisher and Sierra Hahn as Editor-in-Chief earlier this year, Oni Press has been on a recruitment drive. This expansion began with the addition of Michael Torma as Senior Sales Manager, a former General Manager at Third Eye Comics. Last month, the company welcomed a seasoned professional from DC Comics and Boom Studios, who joined as Vice President of Sales.

Now, Oni Press is introducing seven new talents to various divisions within the company, bringing in expertise from Marvel, IDW, Valiant, Bad Idea, and beyond.


Karl Bollers and Megan Brown Join as Editors

Karl Bollers, known for his extensive experience at Marvel, Valiant Entertainment, and Bad Idea, has joined Oni Press as an Editor. Notably, Bollers is not only an editor but also a recognized writer, earning an Eisner Award nomination for his series Watson & Holmes and contributing to various titles at Marvel, Archie, and Valiant.

Megan Brown, who made her mark at IDW Publishing, where she spearheaded the original graphic novel initiative and worked on licensed titles such as Marvel Action: Captain Marvel and Star Trek, has been hired as an Editor. Brown is also a writer and collector of VHS tapes.


New Operations Manager: Andy McElliott

Andy McElliott, the newly appointed Operations Manager, brings eight years of logistics and operations management experience to Oni Press. His role involves ensuring the efficient delivery of Oni’s titles to eager fans, and he’s known for his love of hot black coffee.

Graphic Design Expert: Winston Gambro

Winston Gambro, an indie comics creator with a portfolio including titles like Haunted House: A Love Story, has been hired as a Graphic Designer. He’s also involved in the design of several upcoming projects.

Pre-Press Technician: Matt Harding

Matt Harding, with over a decade of experience in comics production at companies like Black Mask Studios and Madefire, has joined Oni Press as a Pre-Press Technician. In addition to his production work, Harding is a writer and illustrator.

Consulting Editor: Chris Robinson

Chris Robinson, who served as a Marvel editor and worked on titles like Black Panther and Ghost Rider, has been appointed as a Consulting Editor at Oni Press.

Marketing & Communications Coordinator: Kaia Rokke

Kaia Rokke, a recent graduate of Sweet Briar College, has taken on the role of Marketing & Communications Coordinator at Oni Press. She will contribute to the company’s marketing, publicity, and social media efforts.

Oni Press’s Editor-in-Chief, Sierra Hahn, expressed excitement about the company’s dedicated team, highlighting their contributions to creating unique and exceptional comics and graphic novels. President and Publisher Hunter Gorinson emphasized the company’s commitment to its talented and expanding team, promising exciting surprises in 2024 and beyond.

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