Peter Gabriel’s Fantastic Voice And Visuals Shine In Vancouver Concert


Peter Gabriel has consistently amazed audiences with his incredible voice, and his recent concert in Vancouver was no exception. Unlike many of his peers, Gabriel’s voice has maintained its melancholic emotion and a vast range that continues to captivate his fans.


A Musical Journey Spanning 46 Years

Deciding on a set list for a career spanning 46 years can be quite a challenge, especially for an artist like Peter Gabriel. He has covered substantial musical ground throughout his solo career, and while his more recent work may have been less rewarding for some, his body of work remains a testament to his artistry.

A Glimpse into “I/O”

Gabriel’s 10th studio album, “I/O,” has been highly anticipated. This album, released by the 73-year-old artist, has been teased with a new single every full moon since January 6, 2023. Featuring 10 tracks with his core group of musicians, including bassist Tony Levin, guitarist David Rhodes, and drummer Manu Katché, “I/O” also boasts guest appearances from the likes of Brian Eno.


A Show of Musical Brilliance

"Peter Gabriel wowed Vancouver with his timeless voice and stunning visuals in a concert that left the audience in awe."

During the Vancouver concert at Rogers Arena, Gabriel performed all but one of the new tracks from “I/O.” The first half of the show featured new material that wasn’t necessarily the most upbeat, but it showcased the versatility of Gabriel and his talented core group of musicians.

Mesmerizing Visuals

One of the highlights of the show was the incorporation of stunning visuals that accompanied each song from “I/O.” These visuals, contributed by artists ranging from Chinese dissident Ai Weiwei to Vancouver Island-based contemporary artist David Spriggs, were projected on a giant, moving round screen above the stage, as well as on constantly shifting backdrop and side screens.


Impeccable Sound

The impeccable sound quality of the concert helped immerse the audience in the new material. Songs like “Olive Tree” and “This Is Home” resonated with the crowd, while classics like “Sledgehammer” got everyone on their feet.

A Second Half Filled with Surprises

The second half of the show featured a more dynamic pace, with new songs like “Love Can Heal” and “Road to Joy” blending seamlessly with classics like “Don’t Give Up.” A reworked version of “Red Rain” with a killer trumpet solo delighted the audience, but the true highlight came with the performance of the new song “And Still.”

A Touching Musical Interlude

“And Still” provided a moving meditation on the passage of time, featuring a jaw-dropping string trio interlude. As ballads go, this was one of Gabriel’s best, showcasing the depth of his musical talent.

A Spirited Conclusion

The concert ended on a high note with an upbeat and soulful rendition of “Big Time.” Gabriel closed out the second set with his debut single, “Solsbury Hill,” which still resonates with audiences after all these years.

An Unassuming Rock Star

Throughout the concert, Peter Gabriel displayed his unassuming rock star persona, making jokes and engaging with theaudience. Despite his iconic status, he remains grounded and connected to his fans.

A Night to Remember

Peter Gabriel’s Vancouver concert was a night to remember, filled with timeless music and mesmerizing visuals. His ability to captivate audiences with his voice and stage presence continues to be a testament to his enduring talent.

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