Prince Royce Performs a Nostalgic Set For Los Angeles Fans: ‘My Songs Became Classics Because Of You All’


On his Classic Tour, Prince Royce is celebrating more than a decade in music by sharing special moments with fans, including a stop at Los Angeles’ Microsoft Theater on Friday (Oct. 7).


The tour, produced by Loud and Live, marked Royce’s first tour since the pandemic shutdown in March 2020, which halted his Alter Ego Tour. “I am overjoyed to be able to share the Classic Tour with all of my fans who have supported me unconditionally since the beginning of my career,” the 32-year-old artist said in a statement announcing the new tour. “I am still here because of you all, and this tour is dedicated to you.” “I’m overwhelmed with gratitude.”

Following his performance in Los Angeles, Royce will wrap up his Classic Tour with stops in San Jose, Calif. on Oct. 8 and Santa Barbara, Calif. the following night.


Here are five key takeaways from Royce’s 90-minute Los Angeles performance.

A Night to Remember


Royce wore crisp white slacks, a see-through white mesh shirt, and a platinum blue metallic cropped blazer. He thanked his fans for coming out not just tonight, but throughout his career, with a huge smile. “It’s an honour to be here with you. This is a celebratory tour in honour of all my songs that have become classics as a result of your support.”

A Fortunate Gathering

Every second of the show, Royce interacted with his fans, and those in the front row were not disappointed. On several occasions, he came face to face with them and sang to or held the hand of a lucky fan. Throughout the night, he also tossed roses to the crowd (which he either licked or kissed) and towels he used to wipe his own sweat, all while singing and dancing. Multitasker.

‘Does Anyone Know How to Dance Bachata?’

If you thought Royce touching your hand was lucky, the two women who joined him onstage won the lottery. “If it were up to me,” the singer smirked, “I’d have all of you up here.” Only two people were invited to join him. One of them was from Orange County, and she danced bachata with Royce nervously. Then an El Salvadoran woman joined him in the middle. “Do they dance merengue in El Salvador?” he inquired. And she proved it to him by performing her best merengue dance moves. Finally, he gave each of them a rose, and the one from El Salvador even got a kiss on the lips.

“When I sing this song, it takes me back to the beginning of my career,” Royce said before performing “Soy El Mismo.” “You’ve all seen me grow up, and this song keeps me grounded.” One of the many classics he performed that night was “Soy El Mismo.” The set began with his most recent hit, the Mara Becerra-assisted “Te Espero,” which reached No. 1 on Billboard’s Latin Airplay chart (dated June 25). He then sang bachata hits like “Carita Inocente,” “Te Robaré,” “Darte Un Beso,” “Las Cosas Pequeas,” “Te Me Vas,” and “Incondicional.”

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