The Entire Catalogue Of BTS’s Solo Projects (So Far)


BTS members are going solo — but don’t worry, they’re not breaking up.


Just days after the release of their anthology album Proof, which was released to commemorate the septet’s ninth anniversary, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook revealed in a video posted June 14 that they plan to take a break from group activities so that they can all work on personal and solo endeavors.

Though the break will give BTS much-needed time to work on their solo projects, the group has already shown fans what they are capable of outside of the group. RM, the group’s leader and a member of BTS’ rap line (along with Suga and J-Hope), was the first to release solo material. In 2015, he released a self-titled mixtape on SoundCloud, which included 11 tracks, some of which sampled J. Cole songs. Cole, Drake, Run the Jewels, and others perform.
Suga quickly followed with his Agust D mixtape in 2016, and J-Hope followed in 2018 with Hope World. (RM released his second mixtape, Mono., in late 2018, while Suga released D-2 in May 2020.)
And Jin recently hinted at a solo single during the group’s Yet to Come concert in Busan. The news came just two days after the septet’s label, BigHit, announced that they would all be performing mandatory military service in South Korea.
Here are all of BTS’ solo projects and songs, excluding covers, solo tracks released by (or featuring members of) BTS, and guest appearances on other artists’ songs.
RM – ‘RM’ (2015) & ‘Mono’ (2015)


On March 20, 2015, RM was the first member to release a solo project, releasing his self-titled mixtape, RM. The 11-track mixtape featured the BTS group leader reflecting on his doubts and internal struggles while also affirming his belief in himself as a talented rapper. Three singles were included on the mixtape: “Do You,” “Awakening,” and “Joke.”
RM later followed up his debut mixtape with the release of Mono in 2018. This time around, the rapper went for a more collaborative effort with writing and producing the tracks, tapping Honne, Supreme Boi, Sam Klempner, Hiss Noise, Adora and more to craft the mixtape’s more introspective sound. “Forever Rain” was released as the only single from the body of work. The album reached No. 26 on the Billboard 200 chart.

‘Agust D’ (2016) & ‘D-2’ by Suga (2020)


Suga’s debut mixtape, Agust D, dropped in 2016 — along with it, a bold new persona and stage name for the BTS rapper. The album marked a departure for the BTS member, highlighting his hardcore rap and underground influences with the assistance of writer-producers Slow Rabbit, June, Pdogg, and Supreme Boi. The two singles for the project were “Agust D” and “give it to me.”
Suga’s mixtape was followed by D-2 in 2020. The mixtape aided the rapper in shifting his focus away from his past and toward his experiences as a 28-year-old. The mixtape was a commercial success, debuting at number nine on the Top Rap Albums chart and number eleven on the Billboard 200.

‘Hope World’ (2018), ‘Jack in the Box’ (2018) by J-Hope (2022)

J-Hope is BTS’s only rapper who has only released one mixtape, but he is hard at work on a new album. Hope’s solo debut, Hope World, was released in 2018. It served as an introduction to him as a rapper outside of BTS as well as a reflection on his journey to becoming a producer. The album, which featured the singles “Daydream” and “Airplane,” debuted at No. 19 on the Top Rap Albums chart and No. 38 on the Billboard 200.

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