The Purge Director’s Unanticipated Journey: From Indie Gem To Horror Franchise Success


James DeMonaco, the mastermind behind The Purge, reflects on his remarkable odyssey as his indie horror concept metamorphosed into a colossal horror franchise.


A Modest Beginning

A Decade of Dedication: Delve into the ten-year scriptwriting saga of The Purge and how DeMonaco’s reserved expectations defied anticipation.

The Unexpected Evolution

From Indie Gem to Genre Juggernaut: Explore DeMonaco’s disbelief at witnessing The Purge transcend its indie roots to become a groundbreaking horror franchise.


Challenging Preconceptions

James DeMonaco, the visionary behind The Purge, recounts his incredulity as his indie horror creation defied expectations, blossoming into a remarkable franchise phenomenon that has captivated audiences.

Anti-American to All-American: Uncover the surprising origin of The Purge’s script and its initial anti-American stance, leading to unforeseen transformations.

The Legacy Unveiled

A Decade of Frightening Success: Discover how The Purge’s phenomenal triumph led to an expansive franchise, including sequels, TV series, and its continuing impact.


The Unveiling of Purge 6

Glimpse into the Future: James DeMonaco reveals the completion of The Purge 6 script and its intriguing promise, even as industry strikes pose challenges.

Beyond The Purge

Exploring New Horrors: Learn about DeMonaco’s creative ventures beyond The Purge, including an upcoming “heavy horror” collaboration with SNL’s Pete Davidson.

A Horror Enthusiast’s Journey

The Man Behind the Madness: Get to know Neil Bolt, a devoted horror fan turned writer, who has a passion for all things eerie and supernatural.

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