True Colours Boards ‘Comandante’ As Venice Film Festival Opener, Starring Pierfrancesco Favino


Rome-based sales agency True Colours has made a significant addition to its lineup for the upcoming Venice Film Festival. Edoardo de Angelis’ latest work, “Comandante,” has been added to the roster, further solidifying True Colours’ presence on the international stage. The film, set to open the festival, promises a compelling exploration of historical events that blend acts of war with unexpected compassion.


An Unexpected Twist on War Drama

Rome-based sales agency True Colours has secured Edoardo de Angelis' 'Comandante' for the Venice Film Festival. The film, featuring Pierfrancesco Favino, portrays the extraordinary true story of Italian submarine commander Salvatore Todaro during World War II.

“Comandante” takes audiences on a gripping journey back to October 1940, where Italian submarine commander Salvatore Todaro finds himself in a remarkable position. Navigating the treacherous waters of the Atlantic, Todaro’s vessel encounters an armed Belgian merchant ship. What unfolds is an unexpected decision to save 26 shipwrecked crew members, an act that defies the conventional boundaries of wartime conduct. As Todaro brings the survivors aboard his already crowded submarine, a risky and daring mission ensues, threatening both his life and the lives of his crew.

A Stellar Cast and Director

Starring Pierfrancesco Favino (“World War Z,” “Angels & Demons”), “Comandante” boasts a cast of renowned talents. Director Edoardo de Angelis, known for his previous acclaimed works “Indivisible” and “The Vice of Hope,” skillfully brings this riveting historical drama to life. This marks the third collaboration between De Angelis and True Colours for world sales, cementing their successful partnership in the industry.


International Recognition and Accolades

Edoardo De Angelis’ previous works have garnered international acclaim, with “Indivisible” premiering at the Venice Film Festival in 2016 and making waves at various prestigious film festivals worldwide. His film “The Vice of Hope” also achieved recognition, winning top honors at the Tokyo Film Festival in 2018. With such a track record of success, expectations are high for “Comandante.”

A Multi-Talented Cast

Beyond Favino’s compelling performance, the film also features a talented international ensemble. Johan Heldenbergh (“Quo Vadis, Aida?,” “Broken Circle Breakdown”), Johannes Wirix, and Massimiliano Rossi (known for their roles in TV series “Gomorrah” and “Indivisible”) contribute to the film’s dynamic and engaging narrative.


A Collaborative Effort

The script for “Comandante” was penned by Edoardo de Angelis himself, alongside Sandro Veronesi, adding a layer of authenticity and creativity to the storytelling. The film’s production is a result of a collaborative effort between Indigo Film, O’Groove, Rai Cinema, Tramp LTD, V-Groove, Wise Pictures, and Belgian company Beside Production. 01 Distribution is set to handle the film’s release in Italy, adding to the anticipation surrounding its premiere.

With “Comandante,” True Colours continues to push boundaries in the film industry, bringing captivating and thought-provoking stories to audiences around the world. As the Venice Film Festival prepares to raise its curtains, all eyes are on this remarkable addition to True Colours’ impressive slate.

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