Wyatt Russell’s Close Encounter With Bear Adds Excitement To ‘Monarch: Legacy Of Monsters’ Filming


Wyatt Russell, son of Hollywood legend Kurt Russell, shares a thrilling experience on the set of their collaborative show, “Monarch: Legacy of Monsters.”


Bear Encounter on the Set

"Discover the heart-pounding moment when Wyatt Russell faced a bear on the set of 'Monarch: Legacy of Monsters.' Read about the unique experience shared by father and son, Kurt and Wyatt Russell, during the filming of their latest streaming show."

Wyatt, 37, recounts a heart-pounding incident where he found himself just yards away from a bear during the shooting of a scene. The unexpected encounter took place on the show’s first day of filming.

The Action Unfolds

Describing the incident, Wyatt explains the unique circumstances of the shoot, wearing gas masks and carrying a prop gun for an Indiana Jones-inspired scene. However, the unexpected appearance of a bear shifted the focus from acting to a real-life encounter.


Hilarious Prop Gun Moment

In the heat of the moment, Wyatt’s instinct led him to reach for his prop gun, only to realize that it was non-functional. The humor in the situation unfolded as Wyatt grappled with the ineffectiveness of his prop.

A Grip’s Timely Intervention

Despite Wyatt’s efforts to deter the bear, the animal continued to approach. The situation took a turn when a crew member blew an airhorn, successfully scaring off the curious bear.


Light-Hearted Reflection

Wyatt Russell humorously reflects on the incident, jokingly labeling it a “good first day” as he shares the story with his father Kurt Russell during an interview.

Father-Son Collaboration

“Monarch: Legacy of Monsters” marks the first time Kurt and Wyatt Russell have worked together as adults. The duo discusses the unique experience of portraying younger and older versions of the same character on the show.

Finding the Right Project

Kurt Russell shares insights into the process of choosing the project, emphasizing the importance of creating an interesting and watchable character with a compelling arc.

The father-son duo’s collaboration on “Monarch: Legacy of Monsters” not only brings an entertaining storyline but also adds real-life excitement with Wyatt’s unexpected encounter with a bear on set.

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